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The right client can be a client for life — but finding great clients can be frustrating and unpredictable. What would you do with a proven turnkey educational marketing system, dedicated marketing support, a motivated audience that pays to attend, and a stream of affluent investors who need your help?

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Find out how we’ve become the cornerstone of financial practices across the nation.

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Our courses create connections with the attendees that become your new clients. For 17 years FMT Solutions™ has perfected advisor marketing strategies based on changes in the way investors handle their financial planning needs. We are marketing and education content experts with a passion for helping fiduciary professionals reach more affluent people in need of retirement planning services from a trusted advisor.

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Let us walk you through the key reasons why our turnkey educational marketing system can become your client magnet.

For the past 17 years FMT Solutions has worked with licensed instructors to deliver high-quality, objective, and comprehensive personal finance education to pre-retirees and retirees nationwide. We believe any advisor who works with us has a responsibility to put the interests of their clients above themselves; just as we strive to always act in the best interest of ours. When combined with our comprehensive coursework and dedicated account management, this approach consistently builds strong, long-term relationships between us, our fiduciary advisors and their educated clients.